Custom Installations

Benelec design and offer a commissioning service on fully integrated automation systems for both commercial and domestic installations, this includes fully automated lighting, heating, sound, security, audio-visual, home cinema and entrance control.

Each system is tailored to suit the individual client with Benelec being involved in the design of the system from the earliest stages of the project.

Welcome to Benelec filler

Welcome to Benelec filler

   Benelec Automation Systems

We stock a wide range of products including market leading brands such as Apart, AVuno, Artsound, Nuvo, Niko, Monitor Audio, Universal remotes, Yamaha , Wyrestorm and Philips, as well as specialist products such as PABX telephone systems and network monitored CCTV systems.

In the commercial installations Niko also offer daylight control whereby the lighting in an area is controlled by ultrasonic presence detectors as well as external sunlight sensors. This allows the lighting to be switched off completely when an area is unoccupied as well as gradually increase and decrease the light level within the room according to how much natural sunlight is entering with a constant lux level to be maintained.

Ultra sonic presence detectors give major advantages over traditional PIR based systems as they do not require movement or direct line of sight, allowing their use behind office partitions, etc. Daylight control offers considerable energy conservation as well as offering an enhanced working environment.


Welcome to Benelec filler

Welcome to Benelec filler